Hey all

happy new years. Hope everyone had a great 08 and hopefully 09 wont be as bad as they say. I have a few predictions.

1) The rise of the branded Utility – I know I have been talking a lot about Branded Utilities already here on digital vinyl. And I will continue to do so. Over the past few years we have seen some examples of great utilities being created. We here at MEC in Copenhagen have ourselves created a running-GPS-tracker for Sony Ericssons Walkman phones – specifically for the Caroline Wozniacki phone w760i – MyTracks . We will see much more of this. This is the future of advertising.

We are currently working an a research project about this very phenomenon. We will definately keep you posted as we proceed.

2) Social Communities… – I know this is boring as shit. But we have really been fucking around with these so far. In 2009 I think that the advertisers will really embrace this and become better at commercialising the social media. Again we have created a great little facebook application for Sony Ericssons C905 camera phone. Which incidentally was a great success – because it was simple and thought through. Check it out: Photo Battle.

3) Convergence – another piece of old news. Again I think that we have talked about this for some time but reality has lacked behind. Next year we will see the different media themselves drive the convergence between media. This is what has lacked previously. At least in western Europe. On an academic and technological level the convergence has been possible, but the old media have been afraid. Now they will see online and other technological possibilities as their rescue plank. That will get things moving.

4) The Full Service Agency is back – Partially powered by this media convergence and also partially by the fact that contextual communication, social media and Branded Utilities are becoming more important we will see a new (or is it old) type of agency. The agency which can consult on comms strategy, can place media, perform creative work and implement online, offline, do events, etc. etc. The full service, integrated agency is back folks it is a matter of time.

My background is branding and afvertising. Today I’m a comms planner in a media (Comms) agency. We have started they journey into events, sponsorships, content and online development. It is a matter of time, and Sir Martin’s blessing, before the step is followed through into old school creative disciplines, such as copy writing and art direction. The next step again is publishing, AV production, etc. That will be a few more years I think.

There you have it folks. We’ll see how it all holds up in about a years time.