Good to be back! Despite the financial crisis, 2009 is gonna be a swell year, I’m sure Right now, it’s 9:50 p.m. I just had a steaming cup of coffee. I’ve just spend 10 of my current 126 downloads at on Bon Iver’s alt-folk record “For Emma, Forever Ago”, and right now I’m listening to my new record while checking up on my blogroll. Have I missed out on anything vital? Probably not.

Have i missed out on anything interesting? Definately. Like this three-and-a-half minute recap of the history of marketing, that I just saw at adverblog. It’s funny and right to the point (and a bit sad towards the end, too). Enjoy!

By the way, sorry for tricking you. If you’ve read my words AND watched the movie, you’ve definately spent more than 210 seconds. Shame on me.

// Jakob