Having my morning coffe on saturday, i stumbled upon this brilliant Gevalia ad while reading the papers. And when I say brilliant, I mean brilliant. This is the best corporate/ngo partnership I’ve seen since I dont know when. Let me tell you why:

Coffee producer Gevalia since 1987 , which is as long as I remember, been running campaign with the slogan “Hvilken kaffe byder du uventede gæster?”  (“Which coffee do you offer unexpected guests?”).

Everyone in Denmark above the age of 20 knows this slogan. And know, Gevalia and Dansk Røde Kors (Danish Red Cross) exploit this to its fullest extend:

Trying to make people sign up as Red Cross Visitors, Gevalia have begun running the ad above, the text saying “Not everyone is granted the joy of unexpected guests”. The ads are accompagnied by a shopping mall-tour in weeks 10-13, you talk to REd Cross visitors while you have a cup of Gevalia Coffe. Moreover, Gevalia donate1 dkr each time you buy one of their 500.000 red cross-marked cans of coffee.

So text 22600255 or mail besoeg@drk.dk now! One of your 168 weekly hours can make the life a lot easier for some of the people who lead a solitary life.