Just finished the first of two seminars we are hosting on Branded Utility. It went very well. The audience seemed to be very interested in the phenomenon which is certainly good news for us marketers. It is my plan to publish a book on this topic this year – it will have a slightly grander scope and will be called “Branding 2.0”  Basically it is about who you Brand in the new media context, how you relate to and utilize user generated innovation and content, branded communities and utilities, social media as well as the more classic branding disciplines. It is in the making and it should be quite interesting. The first edition will be in Danish. But who knows maybe well do an English version also (or Chinese). Iben Larsen thought it would be funny gimmick too use Google Translate – a utility – to translate a book on branded utilities – and then live with the flaws of course. Then we could say translated into more than 20 languages.


Insidentally this blogpost looks like this in chinese – not bad at all:

刚 刚结束的第一次举办的两次研讨会,我们的主机品牌效用。它接着很好。观众似乎很感兴趣的现象,无疑是好消息,我们营销人员。这是我的计划出版一本书就这一 主题,今年-这将有小幅宏大范围和将被称为“品牌2.0 ”基本上这是谁你的品牌在新媒体方面,你如何与用户产生和利用创新和内容,品牌社区和公用事业,社会媒体以及更经典的品牌学科。这是在决策和应该很有趣。 第一版将在丹麦。但谁知道这样做也许以及英文版也(或中文) 。 Iben拉森认为这很有趣噱头也使用谷歌翻译-一种实用工具-翻译一本关于品牌公用事业-然后一起生活的缺陷课程。然后我们可以说翻译成20种以上语言。