Here’s a new YouTube trend: Remakes of old music videos, where the video stays the same but the singing has changed into what it is literally about.

E.g. the band A-ha’s video: ‘Take on Me’ has been changed from: ‘Take on me. Take me on, I’ll be gone – In a day or two’ to:’Come to me. Magic frame. Sing to you. Band montage’.

It is very well done and really fun! I particularly love the literal version of Meat loaf’s ‘Anything for Love’, so thanks Jakob for showing me this new trend (Jakob, who used to be a keen contributor to this blog himself)

Check these out too:

A-ha: Take on Me

Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Billy Idol: White Wedding

If you know of any others, do tell!
Enjoy and have a nice summer!

/ Iben