Why has fashion blogging become so big…?

… I’m not exactly sure but I find myself becoming addicted to blogs like the Danish anywho.dk and the American bleachblack.com. Both are personal moodboards with real girls behind the style postings.

Blogging just seem to fit the style diary format. When visiting blogs frequently the readers end up knowing the blogger’s style and personality so the addiction is build on a notion of a continuous relation with the bloggers. A notion which fashion magazines don’t create the same way – or a least only once a month – whereas you can visit the bloggers everyday and experience new content in an authentic setting.

Some magazines like Cover has integrated their online site with 6 blogs. Among others the girls behind anywho. The corporation has worked out pretty well: Anywho is getting a window to their blog and Cover has experienced a very large increase in visitors on their site since they launched the blogs.

I’m still curious though as to why fashion blogging appeals to so many so please let me know what you think and if you’ve got any good blogs worth visiting?

The Sartorialist
The Facehunter
Yvan Rodic
– a new more lifestyle oriented blog also with the Facehunter
Jak & Jill
A Shaded View on Fashion – the grand old lady of fashion blogging, Diane Pernet

/ iben larsen