Danish top chef Bo Bech has created a cooking school for mobile phones. The great thing about this application is, that instead of written recipes which tells you what to do (seen a 100 times before)  –  it shows you how. Bo has created 140 short videos, which show us how to either part a chicken, cook a lobster or fry your own French fries. The point made by this Danish super chef is that cooking is simple and that anybody can be successful in the kitchen – if you’ve got your mobile on you.  

I’m mentioning this mobile service because it’s a great example of branded mobile utility, as it gives the user true value by just being smarter. Playing a video straight from your mobilephone, which is always in your pocket, and being able to press pause between adding the flour and stirring is just clever. 

You can test the service by texting BOBECH to 1969 and get the link for the site.