Like a terrorist group finally taking responsibility for a bombattack, VisitDenmark fianlly took responsebility for the video of beatyful, sweet and almost innoncent Karen who fooled us all in a YouTube video where she asked the world to help her find the man who made her pregnant a year and a half ago. I was one of the suckers who fell in love with the story and I must admit I felt pretty stupid last night when the news brought an interview with the responsable from VisitDenmark.

However, looking at this from a marketingperspective; is this gonna work? Is this a good idea? You can’t argue that they’ve had the viral effect they hoped for, but is it a good effect? I find it hard to find the consumerinsights that has gone into the making of this campaign. Will the rest of the world find Denmark an atractive place to be because a woman like “Karen” copes well here as a single mom?  or will Visitdenmark mainly get bad puplicity out of this quite tasteless and “hard to read campaign”. It will defenitly be interesting to follow.

And afterall, Denmark is already such a popular place, with our rightwing policy and high taxes, so what harm can a fake girl who got knocked up with a fake baby and told a fake story, possibly do…