‘Hi, how are you?’
”I’m fine, and you?’
‘Good, what’s up’
‘Not so much’
‘Okay, see ya’
‘See ya!’

Eavesdropping on a typical conversation among teens would sound like the above and would also be what we call phatic communication. Communication without real content but with a lot of meaning. It basically means: ‘I’m here, I exist, and I like to be reached. The feedback from my friends is what makes me a part of this world.’.

This phatic communication takes place both IRL and online e.g. Facebook photo postings are not narcissistic acts but a way to reach out and get feedback.

These observations stem from Morten Bay from Haus in L.A. and author of Homo Conexus. He  delivered an interesting presentation in high speed.

In that proces convenience is king!
We now see how people are acting more and more like an organism in their social behavour and the social media platforms work as enablers. Still, the number one media for young Danes is still ‘tekst-tv’ because it’s so easy to access and on-demand. So in order to make people use a service it needs to be convenient.

There was a lot of other really interesting ideas in the presentation so Morten’s  book is now on my to-do-list.