Clay Shirky, author to the bestseller: ‘Here Comes Everybody’ opened New Media Days this year. Nothing new, but some very great observations on how to reward and motivate people when it comes to participatory content on social media.

The thing is that people contribute not because they have to, but want to. Bloggers don’t see themselves as professional journalists. It is NOT a profession but rather an activity.Shirty looks into some interesting cases which proves that paying people will take away the intrinsic motivation instead great social websites have a reward system based on membership, generosity, recognizing and sharing.

The Internet is just accelerating the intrinsic motivation but it has always been there. This kind of gives food for thought if you think about how normal companies work with their employees. How come it’s only Google and a few others that actual allow their employees to work on other projects which eventually often proves to make them much more motivated when working on their ordinary workload? And I’m sure a lot of the voluntary projects also benefit the companies in more than one way.

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