Social media, twitter, mash-up’s – just don’t seem that new when you’re addressing professionals working within the media industry as content providers, strategists and creatives.   The presentations this year did not provide a lot of new eyeopening or conclusive points from my perspective but served rather as confirmations on the fact that participatory content and social media is here to stay and the approach we have taken is the right one: listening in on conversations, creating utilities for the consumers etc. – making brands work with and for their users.

The most interesting contributions actually came from people outside the (new) media industry. The one-eyed filmmaker cyborg, Rob Spence delivered some interesting perspectives on human-technology interaction, private surveillance and documentation. Given first-hand as he  has  embedded a video camera in his prosthetic eye carrying out the Eyeborg Project.

[Rob Spence – an eyeborg]

[Gadget-geek Dan Dubno: We should allow ourselves to blow up more stuff in order to get more creative, and make it fun while inventing…!]

[My two busy co-workers: Kristian & Christian (check out Christian’s blog: www.marketear.blogspot.com. He just posted some interesting thoughts on crowdsourcing]

[Kjell Nordström: the coolest cat in town! Wrapping up the conference with the most visionary presentation on the present economic meltdown, future female superiority, the principle for making money etc. I don’t understand why the most viable presentation was saved for last instead of making it the springboard for thoughts during the conference]