”Anybody knows what to do here?’
”This looks like the loneliest place in the world’

Are some of the common phrases I’ve read among my Google Wave friends.
The wave is here and I jumped onboard  a couple of days ago as a beta-tester. Quite a few friends have joined the wave too and we are all still trying to find out its potential: Will this be the killer app replacing e-mail and all the other digital online platforms or is this just a not that userfriendly hype?

What took me by surprise was how fast peope picked up on the Wave eventhough there is still a lack of critical mass. I started out with 8 open invites so my friends and network could join. These were quickly distributed. Two days after I received another 8, and I posted an open invitation on my Facebook status. Within less than an hour the invitations were all gone. One of my Facebook friends even texted me to be sure he was let in.

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