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Today, when people feel that their privacy is violated online it is often linked to the lack of controlling one’s own content. This is a point coming from Danah Boyd, a Social Media Researcher at Microsoft Research New England, who has studied online behaviour extensively for years.

The more binary understanding of public or private space is being challenged by Danah Boyd who uses examples from Google Buzz and how and why it has failed displaying content and behaviour which the users thought quite intimate and private. And how Facebook made a huge breach of contract with their users when they changed the privacy settings leaving the users to think that their content was still private while it was available to everyone.

The notion of privacy is also determined by age: Teenagers are more conscious about what they have to gain by being in public compared to adults who seems more concerned about what they have to lose.

Read the article on TechCrunch by Danah Boyd onĀ  How Technology Makes a Mess of Privacy and Publicity