Now as you might have guessed I’m a deftones fan… a big deftones fan. Now they don’t usually do a lot of marketing/advertising. At least not in Denmark. However for the release of their new album, they have been trying to create a sort of social media carrousel. How does this work you ask?  Now as a fan I follow them on twitter. So what happens is that I get a twitter post stating that some new piece of content is available – I click on the link which takes me to deftones Facebook page, here is a short description of the content, which then again links to their Youtube channel, where they stream the content.

I’ve noticed that to feed this they have developed new pieces of content that they would not have done previously, eg. a “Lyric” video for their new single – Diamond Eyes. What is that? Well excactly what they say it is. A Video with the lyrics printed on it. Or more importently a reason to talk to the fans.

They did exactly the same for their first video – Rocked Skates and for the initial free download of Rocket Skates (from And to download the mp3 you had to retweet that you could download the mp3 for free… Complicated – not really. Smart, well yes. STP just did the same just to stream their new single. Smart, not so much.

Anyways I find it quite interesting the way all this works. Let me know if you all have some cool examples of Social Media.

Here are a few os the deftones links: