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Well every week and new online device. Google launched this some time back. It is basically a “dumb” terminal which is always meant to be online. Everything happens in the cloud – preferably Google’s cloud, docs, notebook, search, images, etc. I guess it is a return to mainframe philosophy. Everything is stored de-centrally. It makes perfect sense – no more need for back-up or virus protection. But you probably can’t run programs on this which demands a lot of processing power – like video or music rendition. I know people are working on this though, so I guess that is step two or three or four. Maybe then I’ll get rid of my MAC… not before though.

I do feel more than a little anxious giving all my data for Google to keep and analyze though. Google are really starting to remind me of Skynet from the Terminator movies. When Google becomes self aware – we are screwed.