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Google recently created a series around re-briefing some of the legendary ads of all time. Avis’ We try harder, Volvo’s Drive it like you hate it and Coke’s hilltop commercial. I think it’s quite interesting how you would work off the same brief today, with the same insight and end up somewhere quite differently…and the same.

In the Coke example the insight was something around uniting people. The US had just come out of the Vietnam war and Coke was, even back then, a truly global brand transcending borders and cultural differences. I’m not sure the execution is all that interesting. It seems a bit tech for the sake of tech to me. And naturally Google is all over the place. But it certainly is an interesting experiment.

Volvo: Drive it like you hate it.

They are updating the different solutions on projectrebrief.com, so drop by and see what they came up with for Avis and Alka Seltzer.