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Just saw this. Pretty interesting in a kind of obvious way. That’s why I like it. Simply add a “pin it” function to your banner. This brings me to another point. I love that Pinterest has been able to verb-ify their product – “Pin it” – like Google did way back when…

Here is a note from Mashable on the platform:

“The ad was developed in collaboration with Triple Lift, whose analytics platform will track the ad as it’s shared across Pinterest — if it is, in fact, shared. The ad’s dual focus on one model’s face and another model’s shoes doesn’t make it obviously pinnable, in my opinion — is one pinning the shoes, the photograph or the ad itself? Consumers don’t know they have multiple (and better) options until they click on the “Pin it” button.” Read the full coverage here: http://mashable.com/2012/10/04/gucci-pinterest-banner-ad/

And thanks to Dara for pointing out case.