Behind digital vinyl

Behind this blog is the always optimistic Kristian Baek. Based in New York and working as head of Integrated Planning for MEC’s Global Solutions clients. The vision is to set the agenda for Communications Planning in North America. My professional mission is to develop brilliant and measurable strategic ideas and activations. To drive clients´ business objectives and sales. Base everything on strong insight and exploit MEC’s cutting edge knowledge about new and old media channels.

The core values of this blog are “rock n’ roll”, which insidently is my passion and favorite pass time. “Cohones” is another another value which lies close to heart. Let’s be less vague. Have an opinion, a point of view. Stand for something and don’t be bland. That goes for people and brands alike. These values are paired with “structure” and “accountability”, which I see as some of the most important qualities that ideas must contain – along with stellar creativity, sexiness and differentiation. Pretty cool eh… well I think so, but then again I tend to get a bit geeky when it comes to these things.

The blog is called digital vynyl, because it kind of sums up all of the above. The digital and social explosion is transforming our lives and the way we communicate to friends, audiences and likeminded like nothing has done since the renaissance. And vinyl has always been the sexiest and most romantic way to communicate music. Let’s bring that into communications also.





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